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“Coming into the process I was sceptical and expecting a fluffy therapist who would constantly ask 'how things made me feel'.

However, Liz was perfect for a scientific-minded person like myself.

Thank you for providing me with the tools to deal with the crap, that life will throw at me.

Thank you for making me happy again.”

“I have suffered with anxiety throughout most of my life, but got in touch with Liz after a period of high stress due to lots of life changes that had made my anxiety the worst it had been for a long time. With Liz’s work I was able to challenge anxious thoughts that I had held for over ten years and start to find more realistic alternatives. These were worries I thought would be with me forever but now are simply a memory.

Liz is a very empathetic person and created a reassuring environment making it easy to talk to her, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience. Arranging an appointment was easy and Liz fit me in quickly. Throughout our sessions Liz was accommodating to my busy life and worked our appointments around my schedule.

Before starting my work with Liz, I did not think life could be this good. I look back now and can’t believe how much calmer I am, and feel that I am in control of my worry, not the other way around. I wish I had done it sooner. There aren’t enough words to express my gratitude to you, Thank you Liz. ”

“I sought Liz out after seeing how valuable her help and support had been for a friend who was going through a difficult time.

I was in a transitional period of my life. My anxiety was incredibly high and this was impacting on all areas of my life. My relationship with my then partner was breaking down and I felt all consumed by it. Liz supported me through the breakup and helped me to understand how my past trauma had played a part in how I acted in that relationship and how I received/gave love.

With Liz’s help I was able to work through my codependency issues and reasons behind my anxiety. As well as working through past experiences, Liz also provided me with the tools and skills to improve my self esteem and find self compassion. This has helped me to create boundaries for myself and with my partner in a new relationship.

I am tremendously grateful to Liz for all her help and support. I would recommend her to anyone, and I often do!”

“After going through a tough time with family, brought about by my anger issues, I decided it was time to get help. I searched for Anger Management locally and came across Liz. I chose Liz because her experience sounded like it would be perfect for my anger issues.

After an initial consultation I progressed to weekly / fortnightly meetings, where Liz helped me talk through and understand the issues I was dealing with and why these might be happening. Liz's approach, together with her expertise, led us to introducing various techniques to help me deal with and manage my anger.

The improvement in my home life has been great and has led to much happier times. I'm grateful for the work and advice Liz provided and I know I can get back in touch any time in the future, should I need to.”

“When I started talking to Liz I was the lowest I have ever felt in my life. I had been watching my Mum go through treatment for Cancer while also grieving for my Grandad that I had lost just over one year before from the disease. I struggled with this grief as I could not be there for him when he passed while the rest of my family could be, and this had been eating me up for over a year. Not only that, my confidence had been knocked due to loosing my job and my new place of work was not good for my mental health. My anxiety was high, and any little thing would set me off; crying, anger, frustration. I was on a downward spiral with, what I felt, was no way out.

My family members found Liz for me and she fitted me in for a session very quickly.

Over the next year, we worked on so much but I am proud to say that one year on, my life is completely different, and a huge part of that is thanks to Liz. She listened, she let me cry and we worked through my worries. We found coping mechanisms for my anxiety and depression, worked on building my self confidence back up, realising that I have to look after myself in order to 'help others' and finally I understood and accepted the loss of my Grandad.

Things are good now, but I know that if I ever need a listening ear or someone impartial to talk to, Liz is only a phone call away.

Thank you for all your help.”

“I started working with Liz when I was going through possibly the toughest time of my life, both mentally, physically and relationships wise.

I had lost my fitness business due to the pandemic and had struggled for the past 5 years to cope with the pressures of running a business. This had a significant effect on not only my own health and wellbeing but my relationship with my wife and immediate family.

I was low on self-confidence, I was continually overwhelmed, couldn’t communicate well to my wife and felt like I had lost my own identity and couldn’t be me anymore.

When the pandemic hit and I was forced to close the gym I knew then I was never going to reopen the business and I had to do something and find help.

I reached out to Liz and I can quite honestly say it was the best decision I could have made.

Liz gave me the support guidance and tools I needed to get the clarity and calmness to finally get back to being me again.

I learnt why I was feeling the way I was and how it was making people around me feel. For the first time in a long time, I felt more in control of my thoughts and could actually feel like there was light at the end of the tunnel.

My relationship with my wife is as good as it has ever been and I can have deep, meaningful conversations.

My self-esteem is much better and my confidence is back to where it was before.

I’m not one for opening up to people ether but with Liz is was so easy, it felt good to be able to communicate with someone that I trusted and knew I wouldn’t be judged.

I look forward to the changes I am making with my life and business and I’m excited about what the future will bring.”

“After the breakdown of my relationship with my dad, a long period of reckless behaviour and a general feeling of discontent with life, I felt I was on a one way path and things only seemed to be getting worse. I felt the need to speak to someone impartial and tell them all that was going on inside my head, so I went to see Liz.

I was apprehensive about my first session as I knew opening up had always been a struggle for me, and I also had a huge fear of crying - it felt like a weakness and made me feel vulnerable which I wasn't used to. I detailed to Liz about how I was feeling and immediately I felt comfortable around her and was able to share more than I had previously before.

Talking to Liz completely changed my attitude toward many things and allowed me to speak about things I had never before. It allowed me to get things off my chest and literally helped to lift a weight off of my shoulders. I was able to vent and cry when I needed to and did so in a place where I felt comfortable and unjudged. I will be forever grateful for the help of Liz and am so glad I decided to take the step to book a session.”

Testimonial from a sixteen year old client that I counselled for seven months.

“I approached Liz to help me find ways to cope with increasing levels of stress and anxiety, which were emanating from a variety of sources, including an incredibly busy job, caring for family members, playing an active role in my local community and feeling unable, with everything going on, to commit the time needed to be a great dad and husband. In short, life was controlling me and I felt at a loss as to how to regain control and put my wife and children first.

Liz listened intently and guided me to explore a range of paths. She was patient and considerate, but also direct when needed. We discussed various options and she helped me understand the pros and cons of each. Through this, I was able to truly reflect on what was stopping me from prioritising the right things, and ultimately achieving the right balance in my life that would make both me and my family much happier.

The impact of this has been wonderful. I still have the same busy job, and my commitment to it hasn't changed, but I now prioritise time for my family and me. I have a much better understanding of what's important across all facets of my life, instead of focusing almost entirely on work. I have now regained control of my life, and the result is a much happier family, and a much more relaxed me - exactly what I was seeking when I first contacted Liz. Needless to say, I can't recommend Liz highly enough.”

“I started to see Liz having become increasingly anxious about potential health issues over the years as my disabled daughter grew up. Although I knew why these feelings were uppermost in my mind but the anxiety over-shadowed logical thought processes and prevented me from enjoying the present.

I wished to "future-proof" myself having realised that I could not go forward into my older years dreading the prospect of routine medical screening. Liz has helped me enormously to "normalise" health screening in my mind but also to understand why I had developed a disproportionate level of anxiety.

Exploring the issues with Liz made me realize that although the logical part of my brain could account for the reasons as to why I felt like this, the emotional part had still not fully come to terms with the significant life events which led to the anxiety building up over the years.

I was surprised at what the sessions with Liz unlocked in a very gentle, reflective manner. The discussions with Liz helped me to understand myself much more and also, to be kinder to myself. Liz has helped me not only to face a recent routine health screening calmly but also, to embrace a significant life-change without fear.

After eleven sessions with Liz, I feel calmer and more at peace with myself than I have done in years. There is no "hard-sell" from Liz but it is good to know that you can check-in with her for the occasional top-up/maintenance session. I would whole-heartedly recommend Liz for those experiencing anxiety.”

“I cannot thank Liz enough for her kindness, openness and professionalism. From our very first session Liz made us both feel at ease and given that it was our first time in counselling we weren’t sure what to expect.

Myself and my partner decided to go to counselling because he wasn’t willing to commit to our long term relationship but he didn’t understand why, neither did I and I was becoming more and more resentful of him for it. Through the process we learnt so much more about each other in a safe space where Liz was able to talk us through the feelings and how we could handle conflict and communication better.

In the space of 3 months our relationship improved dramatically, in fact I would go as far as saying we are now the happiest we have been in our entire relationship because we now truly understand each other.

Counselling with Liz enabled us both to dig deep and be far more honest with each other than we had ever been prior to that; Liz remained impartial throughout and really knew how to get the best out of both of us. There were naturally a few tears but Liz was also able to add humour where appropriate and we appreciated that hugely.

I would not hesitate in recommending Liz for couples counselling, we would be in a very different place now without her. Thank you.”

“I am grateful to Liz for accompanying me on a path to recover from a failed marriage, with the associated guilt and shame. There was no pressure from her to be tied in to a long period of counselling – the sessions were arranged at a frequency that I felt comfortable with.

Liz also accommodated me at short notice when I needed some additional sessions. She provided a safe space where I could work through this dark time in my life, and was always professional and non-judgemental in her approach.

She enabled me to get to a place of acceptance and clarity. I liked her approach of setting me some homework – these tasks helped me to regain perspective on my life and events. I am much happier and at peace, and feel brave enough to move forward with my life. Liz has also helped me learn new life skills to apply in the everyday and new relationships.

I would encourage anyone who feels they need a period of counselling to seriously consider this and be proactive towards their mental well-being.”

“I just wanted to take an opportunity to thank you for the person you have been to me these past months. You have brought me an amount of peace that I have never experienced before.

I thank you for your compassion and your amazing knowledge and intelligence. I will carry on what you have taught me every day.

Thank you for making what was a difficult time into something positive.

I think I will look back on 2016 and remember our time together as one of the most freeing experiences of my life so far and far more significant than any of the other stuff that happened!

Bringing people out of their darkness is a wonderful gift you possess. My thanks and admiration.”

“I was referred to Liz when I was suffering from depression and anxiety. Together with medication, Liz helped me work through many personal and work issues in a gentle, compassionate and non judgemental way.

As a healthcare professional I have great faith in the NHS but feel it does not have the resources to offer in depth counselling. Over time Liz has supported me and working at my own pace I have made a recovery from what was undoubtably the hardest time of my life.

I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

“After 8 years of marriage and two kids our relationship had deteriorated to a point where all respect had gone. When trust was breached into the bargain we decided to try counselling though it really seemed nothing more than a box to tick before the inevitable separation.

We couldn't have been more wrong. Over several weeks of both joint and one to one counselling Liz was fantastic - down to earth, honest and fair in her assessments.

With a healthy dose of wit Liz was able to make us see that there was love at the core of our relationship. She armed us with the tools to change our behaviours and make sure we don't slide back into our 'old' relationship.

I would highly recommend Liz and the counselling process. As we've proved even when it seems hopeless it is possible (with the right guidance) to turn things around.”

“I had counselling with Liz for about 6 months, after struggling to move on from the ending of a relationship by my then girlfriend. I was recommended to Liz by a friend, who said she was amazing. I was a little nervous as I had never had counselling before. I'd never felt that low enough to consider that I needed some help. I was never lower.

Liz was absolutely wonderful and she has helped me immensely. She is intuitive, insightful, friendly and is a brilliant listener. Liz got the balance just right when it came to listening and responding to my thoughts and feelings, and always gave me considered, thoughtful and thought provoking ideas. I won't say answers as she has a lovely, kind way of provoking thoughts in yourself, about your actions, feelings and the reasons for them.

And there are always reasons for behaviours. It has made me much more self aware, which is liberating. I've had a few months break from counselling to work on myself regarding confidence, and to take time to make some decisions. Then I will see Liz again to revise my journey and where I'm at now. I'm still not totally over my ex, but feel a lot more positive, reflective and accepting of everything from having had counselling with Liz.

All my life, I will look back on this counselling and be thankful to Liz for enabling me to turn a corner, start to heal and look forward. It's important she knows that she has given me that wonderful gift, as I am sure she has for many others. Thank you Liz.”