Relationship Counselling and Couple Counselling

Leamington Spa, Warwickshire

It's a fact of life that people sometimes have difficulties with their relationships. Some are able to work through their problems without assistance, but all too many fail to face up to them until it is too late, allowing years of resentment to build up.

Through counselling we can explore and make sense of:
  • The impact and meaning of an affair. Can you forgive? Can you reach a place of acceptance? Realistically you are unlikely to forget what has happened so can you move on and create a new and different relationship or not?
  • Communication difficulties-this is an issue that frequently crops up in Relationship Counselling where there are assumptions being made, unhealthy patterns or conflict.
  • Jealousy.
  • Loss of intimacy.
  • The ending of a relationship, separation or divorce and so a lot of the work centres around the issue of loss.
  • You may want help telling your children that you are divorcing.
  • Are your needs and expectations of your relationship too high? Do you put your partner on a pedestal so live with constant disappointment? It's perhaps unrealistic to expect your partner to meet all your needs – around 40-50% is, I think more realistic so I often suggest the importance of looking to your wider system in terms of family, friends and interests/hobbies.
  • Difficulties with commitment or constantly moving from one relationship to another - the grass is always greener? A part of the work will involve exploring what a healthy relationship should look like and understanding the meaning behind this.
  • I can offer you help if you are in a relationship where there is coercive control, evidence of gaslighting or you are living with a narcissistic partner. You may also want to explore what it feels like being in a co-dependent relationship.

How I can help

I see us working through your issues in the relationship in a collaborative way and view you as the experts on your relationship and myself as sitting alongside you in the counselling room with some expertise to share. If at any time I feel unable to help you I will always recommend an alternative counsellor.

Couples are often concerned about difference in their relationship but I feel that it's good and should therefore be celebrated. The difficulty is usually around how it is managed and accommodated, but once acknowledged, this, I think allows for the possibility for change. So the counselling process will enable you to find ways of moving forward thus creating a new, improved and healthier relationship in the future.

Relationship Counselling for Leamington Spa, Warwick, Kenilworth & South Warwickshire