Counselling for Students

Leamington Spa, Warwickshire

I have worked with many students from Warwick University and also with College students.

As a Student Counsellor I can help you to explore:

  • Anxieties surrounding workload.
  • Learning coping strategies to achieve a good work life balance.
  • Reducing the internal scripts and pressures to be a perfectionist and learning self compassion and nurturing.
  • Improving time management and organisational skills.
  • Overcoming social anxieties surrounding friendship and personal relationships.
  • I can also help in other areas - please see my Young People's Counselling page.

In my experience students have really benefited from SFBT (Solution Focused Brief Therapy) where the belief for change is constant. By helping you to identify positive directions in your life and attend to changes currently in place you have the potential to re-write your internal scripts and stories and so create a better future.

This therapy is broadly based around questions - The Miracle Question, Exception, Coping, and Scaling Questions. Problem Free Talk will help you to uncover hidden resources - your values, beliefs and strengths - allowing me to move the therapy forward. Together we can then look at setting realistic and achievable goals which will help you both in your studies and personal life.

I was introduced, by a student, to the concept of Bullet Journalling. I have subsequently done a lot of research about it and found it to be both creative and personal for the writer and more importantly there are no 'rights or wrongs' in how it is presented. So a Bullet Journal is a system for writing down all the things that you want to remember in a single notebook; things that you want or need to do, things you have already done and your thoughts/observations from every aspect of your life (work, home, relationships, hobbies).

It will help you to have a plan for your life in one place but to find out more an excellent book is 'How to Bullet Plan' by Rachel Wilkerson Miller.

I work with many students who are experiencing problems with their Mental Health particularly anxiety and depression and also self harm and suicidal ideation (thoughts). With a background in Community Mental Health and currently working closely with a Psychiatrist, I am able to help and offer you support with the knowledge that I have. I might suggest that you make an appointment with your GP if I felt that medication may be appropriate or that Student Welfare could help. I do feel that it is also important to talk to your personal tutors with the possibility of getting an extension if you are struggling - I am happy to help provide evidence. Get all the support you can!!

I will offer you the opportunity to talk in a safe, secure space and listen empathically without judgement. A large part of my work as a Student Counsellor is helping you to have a positive and fulfilling experience of your time at College or University and make the most of all the opportunities they provide.

Counselling for Students in Leamington Spa, Warwick, Kenilworth & South Warwickshire