Counselling with Liz Silverston

Counselling for Leamington Spa, Warwick, Kenilworth and South Warwickshire

I am a BACP Accredited Counsellor and Relate trained Relationship Counsellor. I have over twenty five years counselling experience as well as a background working in Mental Health as a Community based Psychiatric Occupational therapist.

My areas of specialty are:

Relationship Counselling for Couples and Individuals

I can help you to understand what a "healthy relationship" should look like and how to improve communication and accommodate difference.

I can guide you through a divorce or to try and regain trust after an affair. We can also explore how you tell the children if you do decide to separate.

I also offer pre-nuptual counselling.

Mental Health

I have worked in Psychiatry and work closely with a Psychiatrist. I can help with Depression, Anxiety, Generalised Anxiety Disorder and Health Anxiety. I also work with Personality Disorders and OCD and other Psychological problems.

Anger Management

We look at the triggers, how to manage the physical symptoms and strategies to prevent anger turning into hot rage. I use a combination of CBT and Psychodynamic therapies - this means we explore your past experiences of anger and make sense of how these impact on the present.

Young People's Counselling

I work with young people over sixteen having worked with adolescents in various mental health settings. I also trained as a Relate Young People's Counsellor. There may be issues around mental health or self harm or suicidal thoughts. I also help with bullying, problems with social media and relationships.

Pet Bereavement Counselling

We can explore how losing a pet can have such a huge impact on your life. As a dog lover for over 30yrs I have lost several dogs so I know just how devastating it is.

My Approach

I will look to increase your self worth, confidence and self esteem and reduce the need for compartmentalising behaviours, self sabotaging and internalising unhelpful feelings.

We will look to answer or at least try and understand the questions:
  • Who am I?
  • Where do I want to be?
  • What are the resources within and around me that I can use?
  • What is stopping me moving forward?
Together we can explore emotions surrounding:
  • Anger
  • Abuse
  • Shame
  • Guilt
  • Blame
  • Endings
  • Loss
  • Abandonment

I always take time to acknowledge your bravery in taking the initial decision to come for counselling as it is not the easy option and can be a very painful process. Sometimes things get worse before they get better, but I normalise that and will endeavour to make this process as painless as possible for you.

Counselling is an opportunity for you to work towards living in a more satisfying way and so together we are now committing our time to work towards this goal by giving you new strategies to manage your life in a different way.

Please take some time to read my website - if you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch. I'll be happy to help however I can.

Please note that for the duration of the Coronavirus Pandemic I can only offer counselling via phone, Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp and Facetime.

Finally, I am passionate about my work as a counsellor and would feel privileged to be a part of your journey.

Counselling for Leamington Spa, Warwick, Kenilworth & South Warwickshire