Coping with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Crisis

These are unprecedented times and many of us are now living with a constant level of anxiety. We are trying to cope with daily uncertainty and manage our feelings of stress, anxiety or depression.

By coming for counselling you will be able to explore your worries surrounding Coronavirus and its impact on your life. I can give you coping strategies and mechanisms to help you manage your emotions, thoughts and feelings.

Some of us have been thrown together as couples and families and for many this is proving overwhelming and stressful. Others are on their own and are isolated.

Couple relationships are being tested. Our mental health is being challenged and problems are being exacerbated.

This is something we have never experienced before and it's frightening, but please don't struggle - I really want to help in any way I can and support you through this.

I am here at any time to offer counselling, support, help or advice or just listen to your worries and anxieties. It seems that there are themes in counselling around helping clients to rebuild their resilience, self compassion and re-grounding.

You may feel totally overwhelmed by the current Covid situation but counselling will offer you a safe place to talk and be heard and understood. It is without judgement and with empathy and concern.

I also have a collection of useful resources which may of help to both individuals and couples - these include journals, apps, websites and books. I will email you appropriate lists of these resources and then offer advice on how best to use them according to your personal circumstances. Some resources may even be left under my front door mat for you to collect!

The diagram above came from the idea that everyone is living inside their own bubble. Within that we put together how we want our bubble to look - who is in it, what is important, to live in the present, to structure our days, who can help us, to use helpful resources, to be creative and most importantly to look after our wellbeing.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me - but most of all