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It's a fact of life that people sometimes have difficulties with their relationships. Some are able to work through their problems without assistance, but all too many fail to face up to them until it is too late, allowing years of resentment to build up.

Through counselling we can explore and make sense of:

How I can help

I see us working through your issues in the relationship in a collaborative way and view you as the experts on your relationship and myself as sitting alongside you in the counselling room with some expertise to share. If at any time I feel unable to help you I will always recommend an alternative counsellor.

Couples are often concerned about difference in their relationship but I feel that it's good and should therefore be celebrated. The difficulty is usually around how it is managed and accommodated, but once acknowledged, this, I think allows for the possibility for change. So the counselling process will enable you to find ways of moving forward thus creating a new, improved and healthier relationship in the future.

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